We offer private label options for these items:
- certified fairtrade & organic cotton garments
- certified fairtrade & organic sneakers
- FSC certified rubber thongs


Please read below FAQs and then click here (contact us) to submit an inquiry for a private label program or custom order. 


1. What does your private label program offer? 
Private label incorporates minor changes/additions to our existing items as well as completely different items, and may include printing. The current minimum for new private label orders is 1000 units (styles and sizes may vary) for garments, 250 units for sports balls, 250 units for sneakers and 1500 units for thongs.

Common examples of private label work are:

  • Garments:
    Your neck label (sewn in or printed in)
    An item we usually stock but in a customised colour 
    A non-stock item (e.g. long-sleeved tshirts) 
    Minor style changes (e.g. to sleeve/shirt lengths, neck cut, label)
    Add-ons such as swing-tags, individual folding and retail packaging
  • Soccer balls printed with your team’s logo
  • Sneakers or thongs printed with your organisation’s campaign 

2. Can you produce other items for me in certified fairtrade & organic cotton?
Yes, replicating your styles involves a custom order with a 1000 unit total order. We can produce a number of items based on your samples in 100% organic/fairtrade cotton or including a 5% lycra mix e.g. yoga wear, baby items like blankets and bibs, wraps, bags, totes, towels, bathrobes, sheets etc ... basically anything made from standard cotton can be made from certified organic/fairtrade cotton.
3. Can you dye a custom colour? What is the minimum? 
Yes. Custom dye lot minimums currently require the equivalent of 1000 adult shirts.

4. What are time frames for private label and custom orders? 
Lead time is generally 12 to 14 weeks from the date the order is finalised. For urgent orders we offer air freight at an added cost.  

5. Can you create samples for me based on my designs? 
Yes, we can create samples based on your physical samples or line art with size specs. Sampling charges usually range from $100-$200 per style based on complexity.

6. Do you offer design services for printing? 
Usually we request artwork which is print ready but if you require design services, we offer this for an additional charge. Please call 1300 811 173 for more details.